Lighting - LED and Office light fittings

Lighting for any business or industry

From office light fittings, fixtures and lamps to LED lighting – our partners include some of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers and energy efficient companies. 

Your one stop shop for lighting, from LED lamps to Halogen bulbs and fluorescent lights.

European Technical Sales represents some of the leading manufacturers of lighting and lighting controls. Whether it's retro-fitting or for a brand new development, our lighting service is far more than just acting as your supplier. We can provide your business with a full lighting design package for your premises:

•    Lighting design and product consultation
•    Energy saving calculations and reports
•    Return on investment calculations

Our lighting design specification package is free of charge within the UK. Due to our vast experience and expertise, your business will benefit by having the best products for your situation.

We have delivered successful lighting projects in the following areas:

•    Offices and Multi-storey Car Parking
•    Factories, Workshops and Warehousing
•    Public buildings - Hospitals, Schools and Airports 
•    Shopping Centres, Stadiums and Gymnasiums
•    Retail, Bars and Restaurants

Looking for office light fittings or fixtures for new or existing business premises? Please contact us today.