About us

Your Trusted Business Supply Company

European Technical Sales is an ISO 9001 accredited business supply company. As well as general office items, we can purchase any electrical, electronic, mechanical, medical, pneumatic and lubrication spares on your behalf for any industry.

European Technical Sales was founded in January 1996 by Gerry Currie and Sigrid Pancewicz. Sigrid retired in 2014 and the business supply company was purchased by Sales Engineer, Neil Haagensen, Alexander O'Neill and Kevin Ewing. Based centrally in the UK, close to J25 / M1 in Derbyshire, we also have offices in Hinckley and Glasgow.

Our engineering background enables your machine tool engineers and maintenance departments to focus on breakdowns and planned maintenance by providing a same day courier delivery service for all machine parts.

Plus, through one of our trusted partners, we offer ball screw repairs and new assemblies at affordable prices for any type of machine. What’s more, we can provide your business with a full lighting design package, no matter what industry you’re in. 

Who do we work with?

As well as engineering firms, education settings and a wide range of industry sectors, we have long-standing relationships with the following clients:

•    Aerospace - Rolls Royce (since 1997)
•    Automotive - Nissan (since 1996) and Vauxhall (since 1998)
•    Food – Kellogg (since 2012)
•    Pharmaceutical – GlaxoSmithKline (since 2012)
•    Technology – Johnson Matthey (since 2003)

At European Technical Sales, our strengths lie in our proven ability to respond quickly and effectively to any customer enquiry using our extensive sourcing experience and a database of over 4,000 suppliers including trusted contacts in Germany, Japan and USA. This allows us to source high-quality parts directly from the manufacturer resulting in quick deliveries at competitive prices.

Mission Statement: to provide our customers with a fast, efficient and professional one stop shop service to minimise any stoppages in production. We always aim to provide you with the best prices, fast deliveries and dedicated support.

Whatever industry you’re in, European Technical Sales can source spares and supplies for your business - please contact us today.